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Using Adminer to connect to a Firebird Database

erstellt am 08.08.2014 von Alexandra Bernhard

I'm proud to release a first version of my Firebird-Driver for Adminer. Thought, it's a pre-alpha version. But it's a first tool for all of those who are looking for a solution right now. Please notice that i am not a part of the adminer team, but as they suggest in their forum, anyone is free to produce an own plugin or driver. I will contact the adminer team, so they hopefully will include the firebird driver in one of the future releases of Adminer. Anyway, Adminer is under the Apache License - so it is free for copy, modification and redistribution.

Since this is a really early release, please handle it with care and best not in productive environments. Make backups of your data before using this tool! Read more about that in the Apache License Files that are provided with the packages.


You can download a modified version of adminer with the Firebird driver right here:

You can download the full sources of the modified adminer project here:

And you can download the 2 files that where changed separatley here:

Installation and Usage

1. Installation of Firebird Drivers

This project uses the Firebird/InterBase extension of php.
The php-documentation on provides information how to install this libraries:

You first have to install this exension for php. If you are using a webhosting, or don't own a real server, this is possible in xampp, wampp and lampp on your own machine, too.
If needed i can hand out a documentation on how to install the interbase drivers on windows machines or unix. Windows is a bit more tricky. I've worked with and testet this code in both environments.

2. Installing Adminer with Firebird Driver

The simplest way is to download the single file. Then upload it on your webspace, so you can call it in your browser via url.

3. Connecting to a firebird database

When you call adminer.php with your browser, you will first have to provide login information.
We are using a slight different approach to other database environments.

Here is an example of what you have to enter in the fields:

System: Firebird (alpha)
Password: masterkey

Here is an explanation of the fields:

Choose Firebird (alpha). This is the driver you'll need for firebird connections.

This consists of two different parts:
1. The host or ip adress: In the example above this is
Notice that it ends with a colon. The colon splits the host from the database file.

2. The second part points to the location where your database file is set.
As you can see in the example, i'm using a windows machine. The database file "test.fdb" is in the location C:\tools\fbdatabases\

On default installations of firebird this is SYSDBA. You hopefully changed this for a server thats reachable worldwide!

The password. On default installations it is masterkey. Same as with username: Change it, if you are having real data in the database!

Leave this entry empty. It is not needed and not used by the program, since you already provide the database name with the host input field.

What else to say?

I cannot say this enough times. Be careful with that stuff. You are responsible for errors on your own. Make backups. Don't use it in real production if you don't know what you do. It is mainly intendet to be used for viewing data for now. So some parts like adding data, replacing, inserting, updating, creation and altering may not work as you expect.


My deep respect goes to the original programmers of adminer. It is a tool i use every day and i'm very happy something like this is offered for free. Please visit for the original version of adminer.